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Ayman Tartir, also known by his mononym Ayman, is a multidirectional singer, saxophonist, composer, and producer known as much for his soulful vocal and saxophone performances as for his borderless instrumental project "Ayman World Fusion." 


A native of the vibrant music town of Athens, Georgia (USA), Ayman began composing at five years old and soon found his passion for it. In 2009, the young musician was discovered by internationally famous artists while vacationing in Tunisia and asked to perform in the finale of the International Festival of Carthage in Tunisia. Thus began a five-year-long World Fusion project between the U.S. and Tunisia, the country of his parents' heritage. In 2013 he released his debut instrumental album Embers of Time which garnered wide acclaim and established Ayman as a rising star in the genre. Athens-based arts critic André Gallant hailed the record "a triumph of world fusion” adding, “Ayman is a young composer possessing gifts of infinite potentialities that will surely draw him beyond our borders again soon.” The next year Ayman was invited to feature on tour with the Tunisian National Orchestra, but turned down the offer to focus on new projects.

Nearly 3 years after releasing Embers, Ayman announced he'd start anew as a singer-songwriter and soon released his debut single Friend of Mine, a song described by the 2015 American Music Awards guide as "a heart-felt ballad with tender lyrics, colorful instrumentals, and a classic sound" that marked a new direction for the 21-year-old artist. 

"I'm at a time in my life when I can't stay still. Every day is a new adventure and I think that's reflected in my art. I might be playing jazz or world music one moment and the next I'm singing country and screaming out rock solos on my sax. My listeners have been so good to me over the years and I just want to keep the music honest and fresh for them... It's really an honor to be able to share my art with the world and touch people's lives along the way, one smile, one tear, one song at a time." 

"A new name is added to the list of Tunisian artists who bring honor to our country."

- Baya.tn Tunisian Online News

"Ayman is a young composer possessing gifts of infinite potentialities that will surely draw him beyond our borders again soon."

- André Gallant, Athens Banner Herald